I believe the principles of pilates are the foundation for ALL exercise and I aim to apply those principles in all areas of movement and sport. The basis for ALL exercise and good posture stems from the pilates principle of ‘engaging the core’ or ‘activating the powerhouse.’ Your spine is protected by a ‘corset’ of muscles which protect the spine.This band of muscles acts to compress the structures around the spine allowing stability. If these muscles are weak, you are much more susceptible to low back pain or any other injury for that matter.

Pilates is a holistic form of exercise focusing on creating length through stability. It is an EXCELLENT form of exercise although it needs to be done in conjunction with cardiovascular exercise. Pilates focuses on six basic principles (control, breathing, finding neutral, concentration, alignment and precision) Breathing is taught to maximise abdominal control and strength and is co-ordinated with each movement.

Classes range from beginner to advanced and are matwork based. I believe in being able to control your own body weight and movement patterns before adding extra resistance.Small equipment is used to facilitate or progress exercises such as foam rollers, small weights, small or big pilates balls, therabands and the magic circle. One on one sessions are also available for a more individualised and specific program.    

TUESDAY 5:00 - 6:00pm Intermediate
THURSDAY 8:15 -915am
Beginner (to be confirmed)
Friday 5:45 - 6:45am Advanced
Prices: R400 for initial assesment.
R400 for individual lessons. R850 for 10 classes