My Story

When I retired from competitive pool swimming I had a strong sense that my career as an athlete was not yet over. I wasn’t sure what that meant until I travelled to Hawaii. I spent some time with the local swimming club on the main island and was invited to swim a 2km ocean swim while I was there. I had never swum a long distance sea swim before and what better setting than Hawaii! That was my first swim of any nature after hanging up my goggles in 2009. I LOVED it and that set in motion a journey to explore my purpose in swimming and the best use of my talents. I love the sea and am inspired by athletes like Penny Heyns and Lewis Pugh to use my talent to the best of my ability for something bigger than myself.

I am now embarking on my own adventure to use my God-given talents to inspire other people to use theirs.
I am gaining experience in motivational speaking at various schools and corporate businesses while I train and prepare for my next ocean swim.