I have a passion for youth and development. My ultimate dream would be to create a non profit organisation which aims to provide underprivileged and talented kids with the opportunities to reach their dreams using their passion in sport, music, arts and culture. Creating opportunities for them to achieve at their highest potential. I have been in contact with a few potential organisations who share this heart, one of which is LIV village.
I first learnt of LIV village about 18 months ago through friends who had visited and been involved. Over the past few months it has become something close to my heart and I love the idea and concept behind a self sustainable community that lives off the land. LIV provides holistic residential care for vulnerable children with the core vision to RESCUE a child, RESTORE a life, RAISE a leader and RELEASE a star.  Swimming is an essential life skill, especially in South Africa, and I would love to share my love of water with the children of our future.

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