I have been working with a private Pilates client twice a week for the last 3 months. He suffers from a badly ruptured disc and was in poor shape when he got to me. He responded really well for the first 3 weeks making leaps and bounds in his progress and then it became a bit stagnant. We hit a plateau and for about 4-5 weeks could not see a noticeable change, although his pain levels were relatively stable, he was starting to get a bit despondent.

Just last week, we did a roll down with the big ball at the wall and he was able to touch his hands to the floor. This was a remarkable...


I was swimming on one of my regular sea swims this morning with 2 of my regular training partners.
We were all a little bit apprehensive today for no apparent reason other than the fact that the last time we swam there were quite a few LARGER jellyfish in the water and I got stung by a blue bottle! Although the wind was not a typical North East Wind which brings the Jellies; they still seemed to hang about!

I made a deal with my one friend at the start to not tell me what she saw (she swims with a snorkel) I would rather not no and live in ignorant bliss than see the creatures...